Friday, September 10, 2010

A New Fisheries Policy has Been Drafted for South Africa

Serge Raemaekers of South Africa has sent a message about Drafted and Gazetted New Fisheries Policy for South Africa.
WFFP leaders also engaged to this work and this is what Serge wrote to us.

A draft policy which was gazetted last week for public comment. Jackie, Naseegh, Merle and Serge have contributed to this policy and it is quite revolutionary in a way. However, it is still have many comments and concerns and will be compiling them in the few weeks for submission. The public comments period is 60 days. During that time, the fisheries authority is embarking on what they call “roadshows” whereby they present the draft to fishing communities along the coast.

Interesting times for South Africa and all eyes are on the fisheries authority as to how exactly they will start implementing this new governance.

Serge Raemaekers, PhD
Inshore/ Small-scale Fisheries Governance
Environmental Evaluation Unit
University of Cape Town

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